Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fog is Lifting

Moms, you know that feeling after you have a baby where you kind of feel like you are in a fog. Not that its bad, but you are just in a mode of functioning in which your brain is not totally functioning. That feeling where if you worked on household finances or tried to do a meal plan for the month or even thought about all the project that need to get done, you might start crying even though you really are totally fine? Well I can finally say that my own personal "fog" is finally lifting. Here are the factors that contributed to my prolonged "fog":

1. Having Charley- this goes without saying of course

2. Elinor breaking her leg- looking back now, this was a minor event. However, at the time, it was very difficult to process everything working out. She has had her cast off for about a month and so far the doctor says the bones are not growing funny.

3. Finishing up a very long and emotional short sale of our home- We happened to buy our home right before the economic crisis began and before we knew it we were upside down. God has graciously delivered us from this situation and we are FINALLY done with the whole ordeal. It was sad to let go of our home because it is where we brought home both of our babies and we have some sweet memories there.

4. Getting moved and settled into our new home- we are renting a fabulous home in Simi Valley and it is really perfect for our family. It is taking a little bit of time to totally get settled in since we are caring for two kids under two, but it certainly feels like home.

Some things I am really looking forward to now that I am starting to feel like myself:
1. Celebrating Christmas with my family. I bought a book at the Christian store that counts down christmas for kids with an activity everyday. We are going to actually celebrate advent this year and do something special everyday. Things like decorating cookies, reading christmas books, and making paper chains for the tree. Every night we are going to light a new candle, one for every day counting up to Christmas. I really think Elinor will love this.
2. Cooking- cooking is something I really truly love to do. I have had a fascination with cooking (not baking mind you) since I was really young. I love finding new recipes and eating something new all the time. But this is also something, for whatever reason, that takes a back seat whenever I get really busy or overwhelmed.
3. Working out- I didn't want to take Charley when he was so young, then Elinor broke her leg and I was not sure how she would do in childcare, then people started freaking me out about the swine flu...... but I am over it, I tell you! It is time to get back to the gym!
4. My quiet times, It always happens that when I should be in God's word more, I end up being in it less. I have a dream, that one day I will be mature enough that this will not be the case :)

In the end, I can see that God's Grace is truly sufficient through everything. I have a beautiful family and nothing to complain about.