Thursday, December 25, 2008


I had grand ideas about how wonderful Elinor's first Christmas was going to be and in its own way, it was wonderful. Unfortunately both Joe and Elinor were very sick and Elinor spent most of Christmas Eve and some of Christmas Day throwing up :( However I did find the common sense (between giving Elinor clear liquids and changing her clothes) to get pictures and enjoy the moments she was happy. Apart from it being Elinor's first Christmas, I was also excited start a new tradition of opening "crackers." I first heard about this when I was in England a few years back. So below are some pictures of the festivities as well as some of Elinor in her Holiday dress. (of which i bought 3 months ago and was sooo excited about, but she only wore it for about an hour......sigh)

This last picture was right about when we had both had enough of Christmas :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been unbelievably busy so I have not been good about updating my blog. Here are some recent pictures we took one day when it was freezing cold (by SoCal standards) and we spent most of the day by the fire inside. Christmas pictures will be with you shortly :)