Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dates, Girlfriends and Church Fellowship

Ok Ok! Its obvious I am kind of a "hot or cold" type of person. I always have been! I am kind of all or nothing when it comes to many extras in my life and blogging is certainly one of them! In fact directly after my last blog about loving working out, I decided to NOT work out until the summer was over! Fortunately it had not effect on my weight loss and I proceeded to reach my goal weight! YAY!!! Anyways, that was a tangent I did not mean to get on. What I would like to blog about is the final 3 "outlets" I have in my life that help me keep my sanity. I am putting them all in the same post because, frankly, I am tired of the topic (I have a difficult time keeping interest in things). But I was raised to finish things I started, so here it goes.

#3 Dates with my wonderful, amazingly handsome husband, Joe

The honest truth is, after a few weeks of a busy schedule, activities with the k
and Joe's long work days, we just miss each other! Joe is always really good about planning dates and finding a babysitter
when he feels we need time alone. We also trade babysitting favors with some of our friends and that way we never need to pay for a babysitter! (Plus we have Grammy in a pinch too:)) Joe is the person I would most like to be with at all times and I find these date nights to be refreshing and they definitely qualify as an "outlet."

#4 Going out with my girlfriends or with the girls in my family

MUCH less frequently I get to go out for a girl night. Mostly these events center around movies coming out in the the theater (in the case of my girlfriends) or birthdays (in the case of my family).
I honestly just LOVE the excuse to get all dressed up and do my makeup a little dramatically and go out for the night. Sometimes these event include a costume party or perhaps
going to someones house and watching a long BBC movie.
Recently, I hosted
a dinner party for some of my girlfriends and I went to Catalina
with the lovely ladies in my family. Friends and family are truly gifts from the Lord and I am grateful that I am able to surround myself with such wonderful ladies in my life.

And Finally #5 Mid Week Bible Study
Joe and I together attend a Shepherding Group on Tuesday nights. It is full of people I care for and those who care for me and my family. The group is full of older and younger people, married couples and single folk, stay at home mom's and working moms etc. We study the scriptures though discussion. I leave Tuesday nights feeling challenged and refreshed spiritually.

ANNNNNNDDDD thats it folks! I finally finished this topic! Thanks for hanging in there with me!