Friday, July 24, 2009

5 Years Later and I Couldn't Love Him More

WARNING: this is the sappiest blog I have ever an will probably ever write. However, it was on my heart and I now share it with you.

When I first saw Joe it was at a basketball game at Grace College. He was on the team and my friend Annika (whom I was visiting since I was not attending the school yet) pointed him out to me as he ran on the court. If I did believe in "Love at first sight", I experienced it at that moment. I will not say that Joe was the reason that I transferred to Grace College the following semester, but I do believe that my life story which lead me to make the decision to go to Grace was all designed by God to bring me to Joe. I even remember being in Elementary school and watching a high school basketball game in which GBHS played a team from Manila, Philippines called Faith Academy (Joe's school and Raina, Joe's sister was actually playing on the team) I remember thinking to myself, "My future husband could be anywhere in this world, he could even be in the Philippines" Yes, a silly romantic thought of a young girl, but it is a memory that stuck with me and in the end came true. Like I said before I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do know this: I prayed fervently for God's perfect mate for me since I was a young girl. I prayed that God would never let me settle and that I would patiently await His best for me. Since the day I married Joe I have never doubted for one second that he was what I had been praying for my whole life. From the moment I saw Joe, I only had eyes for Joe. Thank you, Jesus for the amazing blessing my husband is to me. And thank you Joe for waiting patiently for me as well. I love you, I admire you, I respect you and I am so grateful for our life together. Here are some pictures of our first trip to vegas exactly 5 years ago, And our recent 5 year anniversary trip to Vegas exactly 5 years later.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Summer Fun

This summer we have been exploring some of the free things that Simi Valley has to offer for Kids. Here are some pictures of a free craft time offered at the Simi Valley Mall.