Monday, April 19, 2010

No Business Like Show Business

I think every Mom would agree that kids can quickly become the center of.......well everything! And it can happen pretty fast whether we intended it or not. We start missing adult conversation, we start losing our patience with our kids way too easily, we start forgetting to pay attention to our husbands, we start thinking "who am I, where am I???" and the list can go on.
So I am going to do a series of posts on the things I do as an outlet.
The first outlet I am going to post on is actually unique because it is not something I do regularly (as in daily, weekly or even monthly). It is something that comes in spurts and it really is a part of who I am. It is Performance in any way, but more specifically I love Musical Theater. I choose this topic first, because I just finished a show yesterday, and it is on my heart and mind.
There are some things I feel I must say about this particular hobby:
1) I am so grateful that this is something my family support me in. They enjoy this being part of my life and if it ever became and idol to me I know they would keep me accountable.

2) This is something that uniquely brings people together. I cannot explain the joy it is to be a part of something with a group of people and know that you have created something great. I have been blessed with making some deep friendships through the performances I have been in. And I realize this is a true blessing from God.

3) I know that God has created me with this love of performing and I am so grateful that I have been given opportunities to cultivate this. But it is only a blessing if it does not get in the way of my relationship with God, or my ability to be the mother and wife I should be, and those things are my priorities.

Ok Let's Go On With the Show (or post in this case):

This past show was due to a Musical Theater workshop that I participated in. It finished off with a Broadway Review, in which all the workshop participants performed as a character they would/could be considered for if they were to actually audition for it. In addition to that we participated in other group numbers throughout the show to make it cohesive. I was given a couple of step out parts beyond "my" song. This was important to me because I felt it showed my ability to change my voice and personality to become any character given me. It was ridiculously fun to be able to jump from a Revolutionary era Newlywed from "1776", to a teenage girl in the 60s from "Bye Bye Birdie", to a peace and love driven hippie in "Hair", and all the characters in between.
Because we performed songs from the show "A Chorus Line" I was required to produce a Headshot. Since I have never actually gone on auditions, I never have needed them. But now that I have them it kinda makes me feel "legit" :) Here are a few of the shots, you'll have to tell me which one you like best

Here is "my song" It is from the play 1776, and I am Martha Jefferson a young newlywed singing about her sweet Thomas and why she loves him so enjoy!:

Here is group number from Bye Bye Birdie called "Telephone Hour." We are all high schoolers who are enthralled with the gossip of two of our friends getting "pinned." I have a solo at the beginning of this song and the first half is definitely the cutest part, the camera man was a little bit behind on getting his camera out :)

And finally, here we are doing our bows at the end. I wish I could show you the whole show! :)