Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quinoa, Quinoa, Bo Binoa, Banana Fa fana fo Finoa....

My time is running out (or at least I anticipate it is) and so I must take the time to blog about the biggest and most significant difference in having a pregnancy take me by surprise and being able to plan for one: My Health.
Not only for the first time am I able to start my prenatal pills early like I am supposed to, but I have been able to put myself on a pre-pregnancy diet and work out routine. What does this diet look like you ask? Well basically this:
Grilled Chicken (or fish), Green vegetable (lots of them) and Quinoa and thats it. EVERYNIGHT for the last 2 months. Yes Joe has been doing it too (for his own reasons) and yes my kids eat it as well (but they get suckers after dinner!) I also eat non fat yogurt for breakfast, and have bran cereal for lunch. I am not super strict if there is a reason to cheat, like date night or sunday afternoon pancakes. But I never let myself cheat for no reason because I find that there is so often a good reason at least once a week. I do plan on keeping to this diet (very loosely) when I am pregnant because we all know I will be cheating often! So if I can keep to it as much as possible then great! Working out is nothing new, I go through spurts of devotion and then I get a little too chill about it. Of course right now I am much more devoted :) So why do I tell you all this? Well, I am just giddy over the results!!!! 10 freaking pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Elinor (and she was my first)!!!! That means I am 20 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Charley (which means I don't even want to talk about those days anymore). I actually feel like I can take this pregnancy on and KICK IT IN THE BUTT!! Bring on those cravings! Bring on that "never-ending-pit-in-your-stomach" kind of hunger pains! Because I conquered my worst fears and lost my "I never thought I would lose you so I better just be thrilled with the 2 beautiful children I brought into the world, weight." And now I am ready to to go for this third pregnancy and maybe, just maybe have a little more control over how it effects my body.

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